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Editing, design and social media portfolio

As I’ve started applying for post-graduation jobs, I’ve looked back on old cover letters I’ve written for guidance. In my cover letter for the copy editing internship at The Dallas Morning News, I explained my editing experience and said I wanted to learn more design, online and social media skills. I have grown in all of … Continue reading

Tourism in Ghana: Elmina Castle

Just outside of Elmina Castle, ocean mist is fresh in the air, but the salty scent evaporates past the perimeter. Within the castle’s dungeons, the odor of mold and knowledge of its history overpowers every other scent, taste, touch, sound and sight. Elmina Castle, the largest and oldest castle associated with the trans-Atlantic slave trade, … Continue reading

Elmina Castle

One of Ghana’s major tourist attractions is Elmina Castle, the largest and oldest castle involved in the Transatlantic Slave Trade. The castle became open to tourists at the same time as Ghana’s independence in 1957. Since then, tourists have been able to walk through the castle and into the dungeons in which African slaves were … Continue reading

Photojournalism etiquette in Africa

I’m going through culture shock. I’ve been trying to deny it to myself, but on Day 4, I’m starting to accept it. Accra is different than Lawrence, believe it or not. (The fact that there are palm trees everywhere definitely makes up for the humidity.) And my role as a journalist is different in Accra … Continue reading

New year, new school, new continent

“I can’t wait to see what 2013 brings, and if it tops 2012, it’s going to be an amazing year.” That was the last sentence of my last post on this site. I had hoped that my “amazing year” would include another Final Four appearance and maybe an internship; that was about as high as … Continue reading

I’m a legitimate journalist now

Today, on my birthday, I had my first article published in the University Daily Kansan! I work for the UDK as a photographer, and have my photographs published every week, but there’s something about having my writing published that makes me feel like a legitimate journalist. I think it solidifies my writing ability, which I’ve … Continue reading

Health on the Hill

This semester, I will be reporting on college health. A section of my blog, Health on the Hill, will be dedicated to bringing national and local health issues to a more specific audience: college students at the University of Kansas. I will also share stories from other reporters that I find pertinent to my beat. … Continue reading

To new beginnings

Finally, I have my own website. I’ve been putting it off until the perfect time, or when I feel that my work is stronger. I’m still not sure that my work is great, but I’m only a sophomore in college and will be steadily improving as I get closer to earning my journalism degree at … Continue reading